Friday, May 11, 2012


Random Things:

Firstly, I can be almost out of gallon-sized freezer bags for weeks.  I can write myself Post-It note reminders, put it on my shopping lists and mentally repeat the mantra of, "Freezerbagsfreezerbagsfreezerbags" as often as I like and I still won't remember the bloody things.  I can curse myself viciously every time I need one and don't have them.  I did, however, remember to buy them this week and that led to a discovery of epic proportions: if there is a yarn sale coming up this weekend at your LYS and you store your yarn in freezer bags, well...  You'll remember to buy freezer bags.

Second thing of randomness: why do all the Mother's Day cards for step-moms this year gush so very badly?  "You're like a Mom to me!"  "Mom of my heart!"  "You cured cancer, the common cold and are a shining beacon of an example to me in every facet of my life!"  Okay, so those are made up and I may be guilty of a bit of hyperbole, but not by much.  TLOML (The Love of my Life--aka my husband) has a step-mom.  She's an okay person, but he was an adult and out of the house for a few years before his Dad married her.  She's never been like a Mom--his own Mom is alive and well and still doing Mom duty, thankyouverymuch.  I was totally unable to find anything but a very general Mother's Day card for her that was at least somewhat applicable to their relationship.  What about people who have yucky step-moms and yet feel the need to acknowledge them on the day?  Can't they pop out a few, "Hey!  Happy Mom's Day!" cards for those whose step-moms didn't win a Nobel Peace Prize?

Third thing of randomninity: when will scientists do some genome research we can all get behind like isolating the gene responsible for interuppteritis?  Not to be sexist (and, from what I've been led to believe, female children are as likely to be interrupters as male children), but in my life anyway, males seem to be the leading possessors of that gene.  In the shower?  Up to my elbows in filthy dishwater?  Getting to take a nap?  BRRRRRRRINNNNGGGG!  TLOML is on the phone.  It's never for anything important like, "I forgot something/have just been in a car wreck/am sitting in the ER" (which I am ever-so-grateful for), but just wanting to chat a bit.  The other interrupter is the house-rabbit: Be reading?  Researching something online?  Knitting?  "Hey!  Pet me!!!  Look!!!!  I'm being cute!!!!!!"  I laugh until I fall over every time I read that bit of knitting "wisdom" that says, "Never, ever, under any circumstances, stop mid-row."  It's really a very good thing that the knitting goblins haven't eaten me yet due to setting my knitting down.

Fourth thing of great randomhood: Am I the only one that goes to the LYS a few days before the sale to scope out where things are and start making a battle plan?  Something like, "Oh, yeah!  That sock yarn?  That'll be mine first.  Then, I run for that pretty blue lace-weight and then a surgical strike on the books.  I bet I can be outta there in 15 minutes or so.  Would it be totally wrong to trip someone who looks like they might be going for the same yarn?  Hmmmm....."

Expect pictures.  Also for the next post: socks and the odd things painted yarns do.  Do you fight it or just let the sock be what it wants?

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