Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Due to circumstance beyond....

Ugh.  Yesterday's radio silence was caused by weather whiplash.  Hmmm?  Never heard of it?  Around here in Western Washington, the climate is very temperate; wet, but temperate.  We usually aren't hit by serious highs or lows or snowfall, just lots of rain, gray days, fog--you know....comfy.  Our spring (following a tremendously annoying winter ice storm) has been running late.  Days, until recently, had been wet and cool.  Yesterday it felt like full-blown summer hit and by late afternoon, the temp here was 84F (about 29C for anyone using that scale).  Way too warm.  Way.  By the time I'd done errands yesterday, all I wanted to do was crawl into the house and stare at the equally hot bun.

Today's a tad bit cooler and I yanked all the yankable windows and sliding doors open to cool the house down early this morning.  Things are much comfier around here and I was feeling a little smug.  All I wanted to get done today was a quick run out for something I'd forgotten at the store, get some big pot and pan type items cleaned up, trim up the greenery alongside the driveway and get started on some long-promised socks for TL.  Run to store?  Check.  Greenery trimmed for the sake of our psychotic mail-lady?  (A long story for another day.)  Check.  Pots and pans done?  Check.  All that done and I thought, while it's still a little overcast, I'd do the geeky thing and play an hour or so's worth of Skyrim.  Not check.  Seriously anti-check.  It turns out when the beloved (and now much-cursed) house-rabbit was doing his impression of the Terrible Two's and jumped up on top of the PS3 this morning, in the approximately 2.5 seconds he was up there, he nipped the cable that connects the thing to the TV.  Audio is just fine, he just decided to do a little pruning on the video side.  ?#)#Y@**!!!  I'd go get another cable, but there's a chance TL can fix it (just like he had to fix the charging cable for my Mac when little Bunny Foo-$*@& took that one out).  Our rabbit is charming, sweet, very personable and has a deep, deep, ingrained dislike of anything electronic.  His mission in life is to kill them all, one cable at a time.  Before anyone can interject that that applies to all rodents and lagomorphs--it doesn't.  Our much beloved and lamented previous house-rabbit wouldn't touch any cords, cables or whathaveyou had you dipped them in pineapple juice and sprinkled them with raisins; he had no interest in them whatsoever.  This guy?  In spite of things being rabbit-proofed, he'll do what he did this morning--jump onto the second shelf of a TV stand, into about a 5" high gap on top of the PS3 just to get a shot at a cable.

Last bad thing (although it all turned out in the end): I couldn't find any sock yarn suitable for TL in spite of knowing I've purchased any number of "manly colored" skeins.  Not a one.  Tore all the stash out of the closet and nada.  I finally went into the basement bins in desperation and came up with a skein of Classic Elite Alpaca Sox in charcoal gray.  Soft, so he'll like them.  Charcoal gray, so he won't look at them sideways.  Next pair?  He gets fuchsia, I swear it.

Tomorrow: pictures of the havoc-creating rabbit, tales of the great rabbit game known as "Stick" (and I'm hopeful that there'll be pictures of that as well) and (finally) talking about painted sock yarns.  I hope.  Unless, you know, I'm out buying a PS3 cable or something.

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