Saturday, May 12, 2012

LYS Sales May Cause Dancing

Today was sale day at my LYS.  TLOML and I got there about 20 minutes before the doors opened and there was already a line.  Luckily, a few of the folks in front of us were there for fabric since it was also on sale.  TL (for short) wandered up the street to the hardware store; not so much for testosterone reasons--he just hates waiting in lines.  I was armed with a sock in progress, so meh, who cares?

My clever plan for getting what I wanted paid off.  Contrary to what TL might tell you, there were no wall-sized charts of the store with color-coded push pins involved.  I may (may, I say) have made a small sketch in a notebook, but if asked, I'm denying everything.  In any case, I got what I wanted.

Sock yarn (Cascade Yarns Heritage 150 Paints):

TL's comment?  "They're a little bright...."  But I do have him almost convinced that the second one from the left is almost camouflage colors and therefore, suitable for a deserving husband.  There's 492 yards/450 meters per skein so a pair of socks each, easy.

I also scored some lace-weight:

This is just gorgeous, gorgeous stuff.  It's "scrumptious lace" (their choice for lower case, not mine.  I'd spell it, "SCRUMPTIOUS Lace".) by Fyberspates, distributed by Lantern Moon from whom so many good things flow.  45% silk, 55% merino and softsoftsoftsoft.  1000m/1093yds per skein.  I picked up two of the dark blue in case I wanted to do a huuuuuge shawl at some point.  Mainly, I just want to hold it and pet it and carry it with me everywhere.

I grabbed three books as well, but they'll wait for another day when I've had more of a chance to look at them.  And, as I told TL, "See, honey?  Planning paid off."  When I went back for just one more look at the sock and lace-weight yarns?  All gone.

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