Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day and an Explanation

Happy Mother's Day to anyone who a) happens to read this and b) happens to be a Mom.  It's a tough, (mostly) thankless job and I really wish we'd show our appreciation more than a card a some flowers once a year.  My Mom died in 2000 and not a week goes by that I don't think of her, cook like she did or say a phrase of hers, so she's still with me.

The explanation: mainly, it's an explanation of the "Bunday" part of the blog's name.  We have a house-rabbit.  A lovely, somewhat insane, crazy-making, delightful and infuriating house-rabbit.  Every day is Bunday around here, so it only made sense that he wound up in the blog as well.  Tomorrow, in addition to the absolutely riveting subject of pooling, flashing and self-striping of hand painted sock yarn, I'll show you a picture of the little rapscallion and how he relates to knitting.  Luckily (so far), the relationship doesn't involve him chewing on my knitting, but that's only because I haven't yet relaxed my vigilance and the quick storage of all yarnly things out of his reach when he hits the couch.  I'm sure that state won't last forever.  Sigh.

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